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New York City Restaurants

New York City is one of the most culturally diverse places on planet Earth! Food from nearly any location can be found somewhere within its area of 322 square miles. Due to the variety of immigrants that have grown up to call New York home, those from abroad will not feel homesick for long- especially if they experience some of their home country’s food while in New York.

For inexpensive places to eat out, those that are hungry can always visit one of the many street vendors in New York. The city is reported to have over 4,000 licensed vendors (with plenty more unlicensed ones), and all kinds of food from falafel to popcorn can be found. Whilst the quality of food that can be purchased from these street side vendors is by no means poor, it seems a waste to buy food from them considering the variety of restaurants available in New York.

While New York restaurants have food for all nationalities of people- be they Indian, American or Slovakian, the restaurants also can vary for all types of people along the financial scale. Whether you’re looking for a cheap meal that still tastes good, or a fifteen course meal whose cost reaches the thousands, New York City’s restaurants will have it for you.

The Le Bernardin Restaurant in New York City

As there are many fast food “restaurants” (the term is used very loosely here) in the United States, and countless profiles on how good the latest burger from McDonalds or Burger King was exist on the Internet, in this article a look will only be taken at ‘proper’ restaurants- a place that you can take a company client on a business meeting, not the family and kids for a fun filled day out. To start in order of price, some of the cheapest restaurants in New York are Wylie Dufresne-50, Tia Pol and Momufuku Noodle Bar- all places that whilst not having food capable of being served in the five star hotels, certainly capable of filling the stomach for a good meal away from home.

New York City 5 Star Restaurants

As New York is one of the world’s finest cities, it also holds restaurants capable of being viewed as some of the world’s finest. While quality is undoubted in these restaurants as both food and the whole experience is of the highest standards, they will almost certainly leave the wallet empty in the morning after. This high quality food can be found at French restaurant Le Bernardin or Japanese restaurant Masa, rated at 1st and 2nd place respectively in New York Magazine’s list of places to eat. These places are extremely expensive, and are not for those looking to keep hold of their money- the former charges $295 for a seven course meal with wine pairing while the latter charges $350 for a standard omakase dinner.

All in all, there are plenty of restaurants to eat at in New York, possessing all kinds of foods for all types of people (whether rich or poor), and many varieties of food that you will not find anywhere else can be experienced. Although most will stick to the lower end, cheaper restaurants those wanting to celebrate a special event in life can venture into one of the high-end restaurants- where they will almost certainly have an unforgettable experience.

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